Nadia du Plooy - Portfolio

Date of birth 21 Jan 2004


Nadia is a very special child who has the Kearns Sayres Syndrome (KSS), a rare neuromuscular and slow progressive disorder. Although she faces lots of obstacles, on a daily basis with various limitations, she lives to be a normal teenager, attending primary school and participates in various extra curriculum activities.

Currently her biggest struggle is her quality of life. She is in a wheelchair but still believes in miracles. She has made herself available for research and tests so that others and herself can be cured over years to come.

Nadia is an outgoing child who loves talking, acting and participating in various RACA and public speaking events such as ATKV. She has been invited to numerous occasions too share her daily challenges at fund raising events, year-end functions, schools, weddings and birthdays. She receives regular visits from various people not only who pray for her but who inspires her. The group Hillsong gave a special performance in her name.

She had the opportunity to appear in SABC 2 – Funnatics and was an "extra" in Binnelanders. It was such a wonderful experience for her that it awakened the desire in her heart to become an actress.

For the past 3 years she attended the Oppiwater Kunstefees presented by Lefra where she has met various top South African artists.
She loves music. She can act her dream and live to her fullest through a smart phone application


For 3 years in a row she participated in RACA and in the Roodepoort Art festivals. Items included public speaking, drama, dramatized poetry, recitations, monologues and more. These items were delivered in Afrikaans, English as well as Sesotho.

She was chosen to present her school in the ATKV public speaking events for the past three years. She was awarded in 2015 and 2016 with honors colours for her great performances.
She participated and won the Miss Pretty Angel and Miss Courageous competition and was twice crowned as Miss Inspiration at her school.

By sharing her daily struggle she received over 130,000 views for one of her videos.


Despite Nadia's limitations, she is unique and gifted with all the qualities to become the best actress she can be with proper support. She is a little fighter, a huge inspiration to young and old and loved wherever she goes. She has a sparkling personality and touches people's hearts and souls.

She serves her Heavenly Father in all that she does and say. She believes she will walk again and take her testimony to the outreaches of the world for all to see how great our God is.
Although the statistics reveals that there is no cure for KSS, the current studies in recent Cell and Gene Therapy, gave her new hope.

The name “Nadia” means hope and that is what she wants to shout out to the world. HOPE! The anchor of the soul!

Her slogan in life is;

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I will always get up after I fall. 
No matter if I run, walk or crawl,
I will set my goals and achieve them all

Our wish for her is to inspire and motivate those without hope as well as those who take so much for granted all around the world.